Seulgi and jisoo

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Seulgi and jisoo

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Seulgi and jisoo

Today Tuesday, Feb. To celebrate our lovable main dancer's birthday, we have compiled some facts about the idol that you may or may not have known!

seulgi and jisoo

Keep on reading to learn more about Red Velvet's outstanding lead vocalist! Happy Seulgi Day! Out of all of the five Red Velvet members, Seulgi is the member who had the longest training time! She was accepted into the company in through SM Entertainment Saturday auditions, which are known for being extremely difficult to pass.

She trained for seven years before she debuted with Red Velvet. In a past interview, Seulgi mentioned that she had considered quitting at one point as the company was previously focused on debuting boy groups. Good thing she stayed! Seulgi's representative animal is a brown bear and has been ever since Red Velvet released their Seasons' Greetings.

This suits Seulgi well, as fans have nicknamed her "Bear" ever since her debut days to her cute and cuddly personality. Prior to a brown bear, her representative animal was a unicorn from her debut up until the pre-"Summer Magic" era.

From the "Summer Magic" era until the release of the Seasons' Greetings, her representative animal was a polar bear. Seulgi's favorite color is yellow, which definitely matches well with her bright personality! To match that, her representative fruit is a pineapple, and her representative drink is a Yellow Breeze. Seulgi is seen with her representative fruit in Red Velvet's "Red Flavor" music video. Other than being Red Velvet's main dancer and lead vocalist, Seulgi is also an amazing artist!

In the past, she has shared photos of her drawings on social media, proving that Seulgi was born for the arts. The Red Velvet member can also play the guitar, in addition to her musical talents.

Seulgi has another, er, odd talent. On various variety shows, the idol has shown off her hilarious imitation of an ostrich! What nickname should we give her? The musical is based on the Magical Land of Oz, where the characters get together to look for Dorothy Seulgi a day before the "Great Knight" championships.

News Headlines. Photo : Seulgi Instagram. Photo : SM Entertainment.Seeing your K-pop idols become friends with other pop groups is the best thing you can come across. K-pop fans live for the moments when their idols interact with each other. It just gives their fans a different kind of joy.

Living in the same industry many K-pop artists encounter each other on several occasions. Some of them instantly hit it off and develop a good friendship. The South Korean girl band Blackpink and Red Velvet have blessed our eyes with their cute friendship moments. Blackpink girls are good friends with Red Velvet girls. They are seen hanging out together on several occasions.

The friendship between the two girl groups makes their fans happy. And the girls will always make sure to keep their fans smiling be it through their music or their friendship with other Kpop artists.

Check out the images below and let us know in the comments what you think about it. Music Celebrities. Author: Editorial Team. Also Read. Kill this love: Blackpink's latest music video hits 1. You Will Be Stunned. Read More.

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Accept terms privacy policy. Subscribe Now.No one is better than someone who understands your dreams, goals, and daily activities in order to maintain a special bond with you.

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This is why the music industry offers us great partnerships when some stars meet frequently and establish one Friendship. There are several qualities that should not be missing in such a relationship: affection, loyalty, trust in the other and of course fun. Jisoo and Seulgi have them all.

190123 블랙핑크(BLACKPINK) X 레드벨벳(Red Velvet) 친목 (Ending) 4K 직캠 by 비몽

Do you remember the best moments these girls shared? In various interviews this Idols have mentioned each other when choosing the celebrities they are closest to outside of their respective group, and their peers have also shown that they keep in touch and meet often. Jisoo and Seulgi interact through their social networks, leave comments under their Instagram photos and even have short conversations through this medium, leaving compliments and sweet words of motivation.

Recently Irene and Seulgi debuted as the first subunit of red velvetJisoo She said when she found out her friend had a solo on the album, she said idol of SM entertainment asked her not to hear her song because she felt a little embarrassed, but Jisoo She stood firm and said she would listen to her and recommend her to others. T and even showed a glimpse of the event through his social networks.

She also attended the tour of Red velvet La Rouge and show their support for the group. Your source for Kpop news, Kpop celebrities, Kpop celeb news, and Kpop celebrity gossip. Check out the website for the hottest fashion, photos, movies and Kpop TV shows! Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy. Password recovery.

Home Kpop Celebs. SHINee receives a mysterious call. Jimin shows off his freestyle dance skills. Seulgi premieres Born Confident for its campaign with Volkswagen. Got7 Mark arrives in America and gets new successes. January 3, Jisoo and Seulgi of Red Velvet have a lovely friendship. Pure Kpop. Kpop Fashion.

seulgi and jisoo

The friendship between Jisoo and Seulgi shows their strength In various interviews this Idols have mentioned each other when choosing the celebrities they are closest to outside of their respective group, and their peers have also shown that they keep in touch and meet often. Related Articles. In Gyo Jin Read more. GOT7 fans experienced many emotions over the weekend, Mark flew to the United States to spend some time with his family, fans and friends On January 29th, Sports Chosun reported that the actress would Quick Links.

Jisoo and Seulgi of Red Velvet have a lovely friendship

Follow Us. Pure Kpop - January 31, 0.Seulgi commented, " Oh pretty [heart emoji]. After this cute interaction between these gorgeous ladies, fans began clamoring for a "BlackVelvet" collaboration. It's not news though that the two groups are pals, noting that Irene and Jennie are close friends and were even spotted hugging each other for long during an awarding ceremony. Also, it's not the first time that Seulgi and Jisoo exchanged comments on the photo-sharing app.

Earlier in August, Seulgi posted a black and white snap of her clad in cropped top and high-rise pants. In her caption, she wrote, " mind the head. ReVeluvs, I hope you all have a Happy Chuseok!

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Red Velvet’s Seulgi Share Cute Interaction Backstage At “Inkigayo”

Eat a lot of delicious foods, and listen to Red Velvet! I want to be with them all for a very long time. This Chuseok, I think I'll find healing time while being with my family. I hope everyone eats delicious foods, meets the family members you've missed, and laughs abundantly, " Yeri shared. After their YouTube page became the most-subscribed music group channel, their music video Boombayah on the streaming website hit million views on the evening of September 11 and became the first-ever debut music video to be able to do so.

Moreover, the quartet surpassed One Direction, the former holder of the title. The official video was unveiled in August ofmeaning that it took only three years and a month for it to achieve such feat.XD — She laughs a lot.

V-live — She loves the color purple. P, who is random and unpredictable but also charismatic. If you use info from our profile, please kindly put a link to this post. Thanks a lot! Back to Black Pink profile. Do you like Jisoo?

Do you know more facts about her? Feel free to comment below, since it can help new fans find more info about her.

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Pingback: canadian government approved pharmacies.She is also very well built when it comes to physique; there are lots of people who want to know what Seulgi does to keep herself healthy. Well, it is her workout routine that helps her to stay very well in shape.

As pe r Channel Koreashe is quite fond of doing pilates and workouts. She concentrates very well on toning the body and her inner muscles, and perhaps that is the reason for the excellent organization that the young girl has! She also loves to dance, and it is one more thing that keeps her fit and on her toes. She has an attractive body that her fans die for, and staying active is her only secret. The workout will be quite similar to her method with few changes like instead of dancing; we will be doing cardio and pilates.

The workout routine will consist of training for five days a week, and the rest two days will be an active rest day where you can go for hiking, trekking, playing sports, etc. Now, you can do either an hour of dancing just like any Kpop idol.

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Seulgi has mentioned herself doing lots of pilates classes, but you can always switch it up with yoga, as both of the workouts have similar cores. They both follow in your inner and outer body, making it healthier and leaner.

Red Velvet Wendy Confesses She Nearly Quit Being A Trainee Because Of Seulgi

Both of them also provide you excellent flexibility and tone muscles. Just make sure that you do an hour of workout and train for at least five days a week. She loves to eat and also to do workouts. Therefore, her body always stays in proper balance. For Red Velvet, she, along with the other members, was told to lose weight, and hence the girls were put on an extreme diet.

It was the time she had lost many pounds. In when she was getting trained to lose weight, she was allowed only soy milk. So, when she would get hungry, she drank a lot of it. After Red Velvet, she got back to her healthy eating and workout routine. There is a video of Seulgi eating, and it shows how this girl loves to eat everything. Thankfully whatever she eats gets burned up because of her busy schedule and a regular workout routine. Seulgi tries to stay fit by eating healthy foods.

She tries to keep away from junk food and processed foods as much as possible. Sunmi Workout Routine and Diet Plan. Seulgi Workout Routine and Diet Plan.Doyeon is THE goddess of the new generation. Is basic the new way of saying gorgeous af?

Don't be afraid to say it. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. You can adjust your cookie settingsotherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. Press More More. Doyeon x Bona x Mina x Jisoo x Seulgi.

seulgi and jisoo

Prettiest visual of the new gen? Doyeon x Bona x Mina x Jisoo x Seulgi doyeon iteen bona wjsn twice red velvet black pink.

Who is prettier? Doyeon x Mina Doyeon. Recommended Posts. Property of Goddess Irene 9, Posted June 12, Posted June 12, Link to post Share on other sites. Jisoo looks like sana. Bazz 3, Posted June 12, You might as well pic pictures of jisoo instead of sana.

seulgi and jisoo

Where is Jisoo? Mangata Posted June 12, Sana Minatozaki 3, Posted June 12, Vikturi 1, Posted June 12, I wonder if Doyeon would rank as high on a forum with more males. Jisoo ,Mina and Seulgi. Shu 1, Posted June 12, Fruit 8, Posted June 12, Doyeon is the prettiest imo.

Why do you never add Irene to your polls? The bias is real in your photo selections lmao. GuguSana 9, Posted June 12, Doyeon and Mina.

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