Who are the pros in mid90s

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Who are the pros in mid90s

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Who are the pros in mid90s

Skip navigation! Story from Beauty. If you couldn't already tell by the title of Jonah Hill's directorial debut, mid90sthe movie is a throwback to the decade of teenage angst. For Hill, the decade was mostly spent inside an L. This movie isn't for the Cher Horowitzs of the worlds, but for the young Jonahs who found solace in a community of outcasts. For Hill to tell the story just right, the cast, the music, and the fashion had to be believable — and the hair played a major role in that.

So, how did they get the skating subculture right when it's so often inaccurately portrayed onscreen? We asked Guidroz — and she answered. Guidroz shares her personal relationship to skater hair, the real story behind Lucas Hedges' eyelashes, and Hill's acute attention to detail, ahead.

Warning: This story contains spoilers for mid90s. This film bleeds '90s skate culture. How did you make sure it was authentic to not only a specific group of people, but also to one particular decade?

I used him sort of like a model throughout the film. It's always fun to do a period film and even more fun to do one with Jonah because he's so specific about every detail. He really didn't want this to be a movie about '90s hair porn or have someone watch it and say, 'Oh, that's '90s hair. The story had to drive the movie, not anyone's look in particular. How did you recreate '90s skater hair? Sometimes people on the outskirts of the skating subculture think they have to create this certain look.

But the real hardcore skaters, like Tony Hawk, didn't put all that attention on their hair, but on their skills. My boyfriend also had a lot of old magazines, so I pulled from archives to make inspiration boards for Jonah to see.

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Sunny Suljic's character, Stevie, has amazing hair. Is there a reason you kept it so long? Sunny would come in first thing in the morning, straight out of bed every day and look like a madman.

I'd wet his hair, style it, and then unstyle it because it couldn't look done or like he'd been in a hair chair all morning. Na-Kel Smithwho plays Ray, is a pro skater in real life. Did you change his look at all?

I did do some research on Black skaters from the '90s, like Kareem Campbell, because, again, we really tried to keep it real.The current sports cards boom has me and many others around my age chasing cards from our childhood.

There were sports card shops all over the city and there were also sports card shows as well. I would save up what little money I had to buy packs and then maybe splurge on a special card at the shows. The 86 Fleer Jordan was the holy grail of sports cards for kids my age back then and I would dream about that damn thing. I would devise plans as to how I could buy it, steal it, trade for it, or find any other way I could get my hands on it.

And football cards?

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All day! Who all collected Garbage Pail Kids? My older bro and I definitely did. We loved cracking those wax packs and laughing at each card. Some were gross, some were hilarious, but they were all entertaining. Check out the story for some history on Garbage Pail Kids and if you stay long enough, be sure to check out my bro opening a few old packs of cards! Taking you on a trip down memory lane!

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With that, you get true reactions from the biggest baseball dork you know. And that is said as a mega compliment. Voices have been getting sharpened for years. Okay, I get it. For real though… You have kids and a family and a job that really is a grind. You crush it at pivot tables and v-lookups at work but what gives you that drive?

What motivates you? Financial freedom motivates me. And when I see an opportunity open up on the revenue side of things I am like a shark in blood infested water. I throw on the Alchemist beats in my headphones and I get to hustling. This is the greatest marketing opportunity of my lifetime. I can talk about rap and baseball cards at the same time. To bring back those vibes I decided to buy an unopened wax pack of these cards off of eBay. Would Todd pull a Hogan? I was so enamored with the game of baseball and the hobby of collecting baseball cards that I needed to know more about these players that I loved.

This lead me to the back of my baseball cards where I could see the stats for my favorite players from the years before. I could even find a line or two about them and see where they were from.

Jonah Hill's 'Mid90s' Replicates Skate Style From the Era in the Most Low-Key, Authentic Way

That was so cool to me! I did what any 4 year old would do.Mid90s stylized as mid90s is a American coming-of-age comedy-drama film written and directed by Jonah Hillin his feature directorial debut. It stars Sunny SuljicLucas Hedges and Katherine Waterstonand follows a year-old boy who begins spending time with a mostly older group of skateboarders while living in s Los Angeles. The film had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 9, and was theatrically released in the United States on October 19,by A Set inyear-old Stevie lives in PalmsLos Angeles with his abusive older brother Ian and single mother Dabney.

One day Stevie bikes past Motor Avenue Skateshop, admires the boastful camaraderie of the skateboarders outside, and returns the following day.

Back home, he trades with his brother for a skateboard, brings it to the shop and befriends young skater Ruben, who introduces him to the rest of the group: Ray, "Fuckshit", and "Fourth Grade".

Although an inexperienced skater, Stevie is drawn to the group and aspires to imitate their daredevil behavior and anti-social attitudes. Stevie is nicknamed "Sunburn" by Ray during a conversation, and his acceptance into the group causes Ruben to resent him. While attempting a skateboard trick across an open section between two rooftops, Stevie falls and suffers a head injury. Dabney becomes concerned about his turn towards recklessness and his new friends, but Stevie has already made up his mind that he is sticking with the group.

Ian has a tense standoff with Fuckshit as Stevie watches, but Ian appears intimidated by the group and leaves before a fight can break out. Stevie begins smoking, drinking, and experimenting with marijuana. At a party, he has his first sexual experience with a girl named Estee. After Stevie comes home intoxicated, he and Ian get into a violent fight. Ian has an emotional breakdown when Stevie says that he has no friends and, following the conflict, a distressed Stevie attempts to asphyxiate himself with a cord from a Super Nintendo controller, one of several self-harm incidents.

The next day, Dabney forbids Stevie from hanging out with the boys. Stevie lashes out and refuses to obey.

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Having alienated his mother and brother, Stevie sits alone behind the skate shop. Ray consoles Stevie, telling him that even though he thinks his life is bad, the other boys have it worse: Fourth Grade is poor to the point of not being able to afford socks, Ruben's mom is an abusive drug addict, Fuckshit's reckless partying is worsening, and Ray lost his younger brother, who was hit by a car.

Ray then takes Stevie out to skate at night and they fall asleep at the Santa Monica Courthouse, as it has been a very popular skate spot since the 90's. The shop hosts a party in back of the store. Ray hopes to make a career in skating, and chats up two professionals as potential sponsors. Fuckshit, who is drunk and high, tries to sabotage Ray's chances by embarrassing him in front of the pros. Stevie, who has been drinking heavily, is provoked into a brawl with Ruben.

Discouraged by the undisciplined behavior of his friends, Ray tells everyone to go home. However, Fuckshit insists on driving the group to another party. After some convincing, Ray reluctantly agrees, and the group heads off, with Stevie riding shotgun. No one seems happy except Fuckshit, whose judgment has been impaired by drugs and alcohol. Talking animatedly and driving inattentively, Fuckshit crashes and flips the car on its side.

Stevie is knocked unconscious and is rushed to the hospital.Browse our picks. Kongand more. Watch the video. This movie follows a teenager named Stevie growing up in Los Angeles.

He's struggling with his family, including his co-dependent single mom and his abusive older brother, and at school, where his richer friends seem to overlook him.

When Stevie befriends a crew of skateboarders, he learns some tough lessons about class, race, and privilege. Aside from a couple minor issues I had with this film, I loved it. It just felt incredibly real. I didn't feel like I was watching actors. I felt like I was watching the lives of these kids unfold, and that those lives would just continue unfolding even when the camera wasn't rolling. Sign In. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews.One of the first scenes of Jonah Hill 's directorial debut "Mid90s" shows year-old Stevie played by Sunny Siljic snooping through his older brother Ian's Lucas Hudges room.

He takes notes on his collection of hip-hop CDs, attempts to lift his weights and browses through his closet filled with shirts and sports jerseys, in hopes of capturing even the slightest bit of camaraderie from his closed-off, bullying sibling. The coming-of-age film set in — you guessed it —follows Stevie as he finds that sense of belonging at the Motor Avenue skate shop in Los Angeles, where he befriends a group of skaters: determined-to-go-pro Ray Na-Kel Smithlaid-back party boy Fuckshit Olan Prenattaspiring filmmaker but dumb as rocks Fourth Grade Ryder McLaughlin and Ruben Gio Galiciawho was the youngest of the clique before Stevie came along.

With the fashion industry's ongoing fascination with and appropriation of skate culture"Mid90s" is a lesson in authenticity, especially when it comes to replicating skate style during such a distinct era.

Hill first met Bivens through mutual friends, and about three years before "Mid90s" went into production, the two ran into each other at a show in Los Angeles.

After talking about the film, Hill asked if she wanted to be a part of it — "a dream project," as she calls it, because, according to Bivens, costume designers don't usually get opportunities to work on a period film unless they've done one before.

Throughout the entire filmmaking process, Bivens focused on steering clear of any nostalgia porn — a high priority that Hill enforced on set and now mentions in many press interviews. Olan Prenatt and Ryder McLaughlin.

who are the pros in mid90s

In the early stages of production, Bivens did her research, like referencing her personal collection of skate magazines — Trasher, Slap and Transworld Skateboarding — that dated from towhich she traveled back to her mom's house to retrieve. The wardrobe of "Mid90s" can be broken down into three important categories: T-shirts, jeans and sneakers. While sourcing, Bivens turned to her group of friends who were active in the '90s skate scene. They didn't understand that there would be possible value in keeping those things.

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The T-shirts, especially, showcase Bivens's attention to detail and accuracy. In fact, Bivens admits that she had to re-create a lot of the graphic tees, which she reached out directly to skate companies for to acquire original artwork and designs. The jeans were a more straightforward to find; Bivens collected them from eBay, Etsy and costume houses.

But getting pairs from actual skate brands, such as now-defunct Menace, proved to be difficult. Instead, Bivens made sure to source jeans with big cuts from Levi's and other denim labels that are still around today — though nailing the right type of wide-leg style was another obstacle. When designing each character's wardrobe, Bivens based what skate brands they would wear on their personalities and backstory.

Ray's Girl and Chocolate T-shirts showed his intentions of one day riding for one of those teams, and his gold chain is a nod to the pro-skaters of that era who wore the same type of jewelry. Smith, who is actually sponsored by Adidas, wore the brand's shell tops throughout the film, too. On the other hand, his best friend Fuckshit, who comes from a well-to-do family and is seen wearing Droors, Vans Half Cab sneakers and Cypress Hill merch, cares "less about economics and more about his own taste and style.

She also dressed him in skate brands that had graphics on the sillier or more fun side, including Toy Machine, Alien Workshop and a Big Brother shirt emblazoned with "Listen to Black Sabbath. While Ruben's style sometimes emulated the older boys of the group, Hill wanted the his Latino background to shine through in Galicia's costumes, which included white T-shirts and Dickie's. Sunny Suljic.

A Skateboarder Reviews Mid90s

As Stevie goes through his own personal transformation through "Mid90s," so does his wardrobe. He feels like he's part of the crew and he's accepted.

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One thing that she does point out is how Stevie never actually wears proper skate sneakers. They're LA Gear. It's something that Bivens says was talked about a lot while filming, but since "Mid90s" takes place during a such a short period of time — and Stevie barely has the money to buy a new skateboard — it was a wardrobe choice that made perfect sense. While the process of sourcing vintage skate apparel and meticulously dressing each character sounds tedious, Bivens says her biggest costume feat is a massive skateboarding scene at a local courthouse that featured more than extras, all of whom had to be accurately dressed straight out of She initially sent a mass email with wardrobe directions that listed all of the items that could pass as '90s.

But it felt like such an accomplishment being able to pull off that scene. It felt subtle, like Jonah wanted. It felt real. Sign up for our daily newsletter and get the latest industry news in your inbox every day.Courtesy Photo. He went undrafted in the shortened MLB Draft. Arredondo is one of 10 amateur free agents who Boston has signed so far. It was just emotion because I knew my name being called, that was my dream. It would have been a big thing for us. His fastball sits at mph.

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who are the pros in mid90s

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who are the pros in mid90s

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